Pleached Trees

Pleached trees look fantastic in a formal garden and are perfect for providing instant screening, creating shade or adding drama in bold planting schemes. They are specially trained using a formal method by highly skilled nurserymen to create a clear, straight stem with a framework of parallel branches on top.

Choosing & Planting Pleached Trees

Our range of pleached trees includes both evergreen and deciduous varieties, so there is plenty of choice whether you want to create instant screening, privacy or shade. For more unusual pleached trees, please give us a call as we may have more species available. Pleached trees are available year round as pot grown trees, but we can also deliver them in rootball form from October to April/May (these can still be pre-ordered at any time of the year).

We are experienced in delivering pleached trees and once they arrive, we recommend having at least two able people to plant them. They can be planted in the same was as semi-mature trees, but do keep the bamboo frame on them. Our Sales and Service team are on hand to discuss access requirements and arrange a convenient delivery time. Please call them on 01943 660870 to discuss.

Maintaining Pleached Trees

Formative pruning has already been carried out on our pleached trees, so you will only need to maintain the shape going forwards. Start by removing damaged branches as you would for any tree, then prune to maintain the shape. The bamboo frame that comes on the tree can be cut off when the pleached tree is mature enough.

History of Pleached Trees

Pleached trees can be traced back 1000s of years and were even used as a type of defense during Julius Ceasar's reign. During the 18th century, pleaching became a popular garden technique for creating shaded pathways. Then, in the 19th century the popularity of pleached trees soared and they were used continually by the European elite who favoured shaded avenues and grand allées. Since then, they have become a regular with modern garden designers and can be seen in many an RHS award winning garden.



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