Small Garden Trees

Every garden, no matter how small, benefits from having trees that provide structure, interest and a haven for wildlife. There are over 220 dwarf and small trees in this section that have been specially selected for their proportions and will work well within a small garden. If you want trees suitable for keeping in pots, visit our patio trees selection.

With the average garden size in the UK being 14 metres squared, many people consider their gardens small. Trees make use of vertical space, but if you only have space for one tree, consider trees that provide interest in multiple seasons.  Small evergreen trees hold their leaves all year, but some bring additional interest with flowers and berries. Compact weeping trees are ideal for adding drama even when the leaves have fallen, whilst dwarf Birch trees have wonderful bark that looks stunning in winter.

There’s so many problems that trees can solve in small gardens. Small trees with airy foliage such as Japanese Maples can add a little privacy in overlooked gardens whilst still letting light in. Compact, columnar Conifers can provide denser screening yet take up little space. Upright or flowering trees bring the focal point up and away from the small footprint of the garden.


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