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Quercus or Oak trees are grand looking trees that often have striking autumn colour. Known as the King of Trees, Oak trees have punctuated the British countryside for as long as we can remember. They're steeped in history, being of great cultural, mythological and religious importance.

Choosing Oak Trees For The Garden

Quercus is a large genus of trees and shrubs, with approximately 600 species. They can be evergreen or deciduous, with some varieties producing fantastic red autumn colour. They produce flowers in the form of catkins, with both male and female catkins produced on the same tree. The fruit is a type of nut and is known as an acorn.

We offer an award winning selection of Oak trees including the Common Oak, as well as Red Oak, Variegated Oak and Evergreen Oak varieties. The Common Oak tree, or ancient oak, Quercus robur is the one most people recognise and makes a wonderful specimen in large gardens. Many Oak varieties are suited to medium and larger gardens, but if space is limited, Quercus palustris 'Green Pillar' is an excellent choice with its narrow form.

History & Uses of Oak Trees

Native to the Northern Hemisphere, Oak trees are a common feature amongst many landscapes in North America, China, Mexico and Europe. Oak trees are the UK's most common tree and have long dominated the British countryside. Known as the King of Trees, they have been a symbol for wisdom and strength and have played a large role in folklore. It was even thought that unless church pews were made from oak, your prayers would not be heard.

There are many famous Oak trees around the world, admired for their height and age. Famous oak trees include: the Bowthorpe tree in Bowthorpe, Lincolnshire which is thought to be 1000 years old and the Minchenden tree in Southgate, London, consider the largest oak tree in England with a girth of 27ft.

Oak wood is extremely dense, hard and strong. It is resistant to insect and fungal disease and has a high tannin content. These qualities, along with the attractive grain markings, mean it has been popularly cultivated for many different uses. Including:

  • Since the middle ages it has been a sought after wood used for prestigious buildings including the House of Commons in London.
  • Up until the 19th century it was used to make ships and is today used for making flooring and timber frame buildings
  • It is used for oak barrels for wine and spirits. The barrels add flavour and texture to the drink they contain and different types of oak bring out different attributes in the beverages.
  • Oak chips are used for smoking fish, meat and cheese
  • Japanese oak is used to make yamaha drum sets



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