Fruit Trees

Welcome to our well stocked fruit section where you will find a huge choice of fruit trees and fruit bushes. Growing your own fruit is very rewarding and the taste is simply unrivalled. Many fruiting plants also feature pretty spring flowers, so look perfectly at home whether they are in an ornamental garden or productive allotment.

Choosing Fruit Trees

There are many types of apple, pear, plum, peach and cherry to choose from, with a wide range of uses from eating fresh, to cooking or making into drinks. There's also a range of soft fruit bushes, plus some more unusual fruit trees such as mulberry, fig, hazelnut, medlar and quince. They all make fantastic gifts - the gift that keeps on giving!

Climate can impact either how well species or specific cultivars of fruit tree grow or how productive it is in terms of fruit. Advice on suitability can be found on the specific product pages. For example, Cox’s Orange Pippin apple variety isn’t recommended for trickier northern areas, whilst Cox Self Fertile is.

Many varieties are offered on a choice of rootstocks, so you can choose the ideal size whether they are for a small garden or large orchard. Individual product pages give guide heights for the applicable variety and rootstocks available. There are a number of varieties that are naturally dwarf and ideal for keeping in a pot. If you're planting just one fruit tree, you may want to consider self fertile or family fruit trees that contain 3 varieties on 1 tree. Our fruit trees are sold VAT free.

Planting & Growing Fruit Trees

Growing fruit trees is often easier than people expect! On the product pages you will find advice tailored to the cultivar, plus links to more detailed guides or videos when available. Unlike many other sellers, all the fruit trees we sell on the website are pot grown and so can be planted at any time of the year. However, if you do want bare root fruit trees, please contact us.


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