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Flowering Cherry Trees | Prunus Trees

Flowering Cherry trees are extremely popular ornamental trees, renowned for their magnificent cherry blossoms that cover the branches. These photogenic blossoms come in various shades and forms, but almost all are prolific when in flower. We offer over 40 varieties of Flowering Cherry tree, so there is plenty of choice whether you want a particular flower colour, fragrant blossoms, elegant weeping branches, small trees, large trees or spreading Cherry trees.

Whilst many people are initially drawn to the Cherry Blossom, the different varieties offer many other features including stunning autumn foliage colour, purple foliage, glossy bark and different flowering seasons. You can either browse all our Cherry trees or go to a more specific section. We also stock a range of fruiting cherry trees.


Planting Flowering Cherry Trees

Flowering Cherry trees are a tough family of trees that will grow in many soils and positions, just plant in an area away from strong winds to protect the blossom and maximise their display. We recommend planting Cherry trees with an organic fertiliser. A stake and rabbit guard will protect the tree and ensure it establishes into a strong and healthy specimen. Visit our help and advice section for step by step planting guides and videos.


Background & History of Flowering Cherry Trees

Flowering Cherry trees are part of the genus Prunus which is a large group of around 430 species. There are many different types of Prunus trees, some of which are native to Japan, China, the UK and the US.

In Japanese culture, Cherry Blossom trees symbolise clouds, mainly due to their habit of flowering en masse. The Japanese also have a centuries old tradition of picnicking under the blossoming trees. It was originally reserved for the elite persons within society but was later opened up to everybody.

Flowering Cherry Trees | Prunus Trees
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