Are You Watering Your Trees Correctly?

We’re all aware a good watering regime is essential for young trees and shrubs to establish. In hot and dry weather, correct watering becomes even more important, so here’s a recap.

When and Where? Establishing trees and shrubs need watering in spring and summer. After 3 years, trees will have developed a larger root structure, but it is still advisable to water some species in periods of drought.

Water plants early in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler, as this reduces the amount of water lost to evaporation. Direct the water to the soil at the base of the tree and avoid watering the foliage, as water can act like a magnifying glass in the sun and burn leaves.

How often? The species, length of time planted, location and weather all affect how often watering is required. Our product pages give tailored watering advice under the ‘Planting & Care’ tab which should be adhered to for trees planted within the last 3 years. Increase the frequency in periods of hot, dry weather and remember that a little rain is never enough to counteract a spell of hot weather. To check if the soil requires further water, dig a finger down into the soil a few centimetres. If the soil feels even slightly moist, it does not need further watering. If it feels dry, water and repeat this test again.

How Much? Be generous with the amount of water, particularly in times of drought or hot weather. There should be enough water to sink down to the base of the roots and encourage deep roots to form, which in turn makes the tree more tolerant of drought in future. If you have poorly draining soil, such as clay, less water may be required in normal weather. Don’t allow water to pool at the base of the tree.

Watering can

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