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Weeping Trees

Weeping trees, with their long, sweeping branches and pendulous structure, are the perfect option for creating a focal point in any garden or landscaped area.  If you are looking to add a sense of peace and tranquillity to your planting scheme, or even a touch of the exotic, you can be sure that the way the elegant, ground-reaching boughs of a weeping ornamental tree swaying in the breeze will do just that, turning a few heads along the way.

Weeping Trees for every planting scheme

Whatever the effect you're looking to create, there's sure to be a weeping ornamental tree that will suit your needs.  If you prefer evergreen, consider a blue Atlas Cedar or a weeping Cotoneaster or one of the weeping Holly trees - all great choices, retaining their beautiful foliage in all seasons. If your aim is to provide impact using colour, consider a weeping (sometimes called mound forming) Japanese Maple, displaying crimson leaves in autumn, or the vibrant purple/bronze tones of the purple weeping Crab Apple with it's striking red/purple flowers in Spring and wildlife-friendly deep purple fruits in Winter adding to its appeal. For those who consider flowers to be the most important factor, you're sure to fall in love with one of our varieties of weeping Flowering Cherry trees with masses of pure white or blush or deep pink flowers in early Spring. If you're worried about a soil problem or less than perfect planting conditions then fear not, as there are options available for you to choose from - our weeping Willow varieties for example thrive well in virtually all soil types even on boggy waterlogged ground. 

Weeping Trees for small gardens

Whilst the more vigorous weeping trees are suited to larger planting schemes, there are plenty of options available for those with more modestly sizes gardens and limited planting space. We have a range of weeping Japanese Maples which are ideal due to their small scale and slow growth rate, as well as being shade tolerant so where light is restricted by a wall or building, this won't pose a problem. There's a choice of weeping Flowering Cherry trees which are a great option for more compact areas as they are not as vigorous as many other species but please note that they do prefer a sunny position and will flower profusely in sun with more restricted flowering if they are shaded. The incredibly versatile purple weeping flowering Crab Apple crops up again here as it is particularly suited to small gardens - it's a great choice if you only have room for a single tree, as although deciduous, it does provide a spectacular amount of interest for many months of the year. All of these small weeping trees can be kept in pots - if you need any help regarding the size of pot required or caring for your tree in a pot, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team for advice.

Weeping trees and symbolism

Due to their exceptional and somewhat mysterious beauty, you're probably not surprised to hear that certain weeping trees have, over the years, come to symbolise other concepts.  Weeping Flowering Cherry trees, for example, are thought to symbolise friendship - this is due to them having been imported as a gift from Japan to the USA in the late 20th Century. Weeping birch trees on the other hand, widely symbolise new beginnings and cleansing of the past. Let's not forget weeping Willow trees arguably the most majestic of all the weeping varieties, which symbolise a range of things in different cultures.  To some, the weeping Willow symbolises everlasting life and overcoming the impossible due to its robust nature and ability to thrive in adverse conditions - for example, it's one of very few species that will fare well in standing water. On the contrary, in Greek mythology it symbolises death, and would often be found in graveyards, or planted in memory of a loved one. It also widely symbolises femininity - due to its graceful nature - fertility and sexuality, as well as healing due to its medicinal uses.


Weeping Trees
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