Viburnum Shrubs

The highly fragrant, showy blossom of Viburnum shrubs make them a delight in any garden, especially when positioned near a path or at the front of a border to fully enjoy the intoxicating spring scent. The flowers are followed by ornamental fruits and the green foliage turns pretty autumn colours for added interest later in the year.

Choosing & Growing Viburnum Shrubs

Viburnum look lovely in borders or beds, but equally can hold their own as a focal point when in flower. The flowers have 5 petals and are arranged in corymbs that make a big impact in any sized garden. For show stopping clusters of pretty pink-flushed white flowers, choose Viburnum x burkwoodii 'Mohawk' or Viburnum x carlcephalum. For impressive pure white flowers that resemble a snowball, choose Viburnum erubescens 'Eskimo'. The attractive foliage varies between varieties and creates a good foil to the flowers.

Viburnums are easy to grow as long as you avoid water-logged soil. Most varieties are happy in either full sun or partial shade. Viburnum can be clipped with secateurs to keep them in a formal shape if you so wish. Viburnum provide value to various forms of wildlife that make use of their flowers, berries and the protection these shrubs offer.

Interesting Facts About Viburnum

  • The Viburnum genus contains around 170 species that are mainly shrubs
  • Viburnum opulus is the national symbol of Ukraine
  • Whilst some Viburnum berries are edible, others are poisonous
  • The bark of some Viburnum varieties has been used to treat muscle spasms and asthma.


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