Weeping Flowering Cherry Trees

A stunning selection of Weeping Cherry Blossom trees with long hanging branches that once a year become awash with a cascading shower of blossoms. If this isn't enough, their mid-green leaves turn beautiful tones of orange and red in the Autumn, providing interest for additional months of the year. Alternatively, view our full range of 40+ Cherry Blossom varieties.

Planting & Growing Weeping Cherry Trees

The height of these Weeping Flowering Cherry trees makes them suitable for small gardens, but equally they are fabulous enough to make a statement in large gardens. They're also a great option for growing in pots on a patio if kept well watered. Cherry Blossom trees tend to grow well in most soil types, even in slow draining clay soil where many species wouldn't.

Prune Weeping Cherry trees in the dormant season, removing branches growing upwards or straight down. Pruning to an upwards facing bud encourages a good weeping shape.

Interesting Facts About Weeping Cherry Trees

  • Though it's country of origin, it isn't common to see weeping flowering cherry trees in domestic Japanese gardens. They are usually found in parks, where the locals will gather and have picnics and drinks when the trees are in bloom, in celebration of Hanami, which literally translates as "flower viewing": this is a tradition that has been practised in Japan for centuries
  • Due to their beautiful but fleeting flowering period, in Japanese culture weeping cherry trees represent the beauty and fragility of life.
  • Though bred mainly for their flowers, they often produce small cherry-like fruits: they're much too sour for us to eat but the birds love them.


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