Photinia Trees

Photinia are revered for their brightly coloured new growth that stands out against the glossy, richly coloured, evergreen foliage. Photinia × fraseri 'Red Robin' is undoubtedly the most popular variety so we offer it in a range of forms and sizes, but there are also some equally worthy, lesser known, varieties of Photinia available.

Choosing Photinia

Consisting of about 50 species, Photinia are part of the Rose family along with Cotoneaster. They typically have glossy evergreen foliage and all the varieties we offer are no exception. Another characteristic is the brightly coloured new growth. The superb colour and texture all year round makes them an excellent option for year round screening. Corymbs of flowers typically appear in early summer for further interest and are occasionally followed by small fruits that birds enjoy eating.

Most of the varieties we offer are grown as a single stem tree, but we also offer 'Red Robin' in lollipop, pleached or mature forms. Please note, mature forms are measured by girth rather than height.

Planting & Growing Photinia

Photinia are relatively easy to look after and tolerate most soil types. They grow well in full sun to partial shade, but do prefer a sheltered position. Requiring only minimal pruning, they can be pruned more frequently to encourage the brightly coloured new growth and to keep hedge forms looking smart.


The name Photinia comes from the Greek word for shiny, in respect to their leaves. Their common name is Christmas Berry tree because of the small fruits that are sometimes present from autumn until Christmas. Photinia × fraseri varieties are also known as Red Tip Photinia.


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