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Nut trees make a wonderful and slightly unusual addition to the garden. We’ve selected nut trees for their hardiness and ability to produce nuts that are both ornamental and edible. Harvest the nuts for yourself or let the wildlife enjoy them. We also stock a range of ornamental Hazel trees.

Choosing Nut Trees

Nuts make a tasty snack or useful culinary ingredient. They are typically high in protein and 'good' fats, as well as having a low glycemic index. From a culinary perspective, the term nut includes hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, chestnuts and many more. Botanically-speaking some of these, such as walnuts, are technically a seed of drupe (stone) fruits, but for ease we have included them here.

If you’re growing these trees primarily for nut production and want crops within several years, opt for Hazelnut trees or our most mature Walnut trees. When space is limited, consider if the variety is self fertile or requires an additional tree for pollination, as well as the size the tree will grow to.

Corylus colurna, Corylus maxima ‘Red Filbert’ and Almond ‘Ingrid’ all offer particularly attractive ornamental properties in addition to producing nuts, with 'Red Filbert' being the smallest and thus ideal for small gardens.

Growing Nut Trees

Most nut trees will produce the best crops when planted in full sun. Single stem forms should be planted with a stake to anchor the roots.

Harvesting Nuts

Autumn is the time to harvest nuts. For hazelnuts, look out for the husks turning yellow as an indicator they're ready for harvest. The fibrous outer casing of walnuts begins to split when they're ready for harvesting. The spiky casing of sweet chestnuts split and drop to the ground when they're ready - they are traditionally roasted at Christmas time.



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