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Selection of nut trees for a slightly more unusual addition to the garden. These hardy nut trees produce nuts that are both ornamental and edible. You can either harvest them for yourself or let the wildlife enjoy them. We also stock a range of ornamental Hazel trees.

Choosing, Growing & Harvesting Nut Trees

If you want crops of nuts within several years, opt for Hazelnut trees or the most mature Walnut trees. For a small garden, Corylus maxima 'Red Filbert' is a good choice. Hazelnuts and walnuts can both be picked in autumn. Nuts can be used as a tasty snack or for culinary uses. They are generally high in protein and 'good' fats, as well as having a low glycemic index.

Interesting Facts About Nut Trees

  • Hazel are true nuts, whereas walnuts are botanically-speaking a seed of drupe (stone) fruits
  • Ancient Greeks thought that walnuts were so good they were fit for gods and called them "the nut of Jupiter"
  • 3.46 million tonnes of walnuts were produced in 2014
  • Other uses of walnuts or their shells have included being an abrasive for cleaning and ink for writing


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  • Juglans regia Walnut tree
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  • Almond Ingrid Tree
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  • Corylus colurna Tree
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  • Corylus maxima 'Red Filbert'
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