Mature Japanese Maples

Acer palmatum are relatively slow growing, so choosing a mature version is advantageous as it gives you a significantly sized feature tree without any need to wait. These semi mature and mature Japanese Maple trees (up to 2 metres in height) have all received expert care and professional pruning during their development to make wonderfully shaped trees with fantastic foliage.

Planting & Caring For Mature Japanese Maple Trees

These semi mature and mature Japanese Maple trees have all been grown by skilled horticulturalists on the nursery for a number of years, ready to sell on to you once they are mature enough. Depending on their maturity, they come in pot sizes up to around 50 litres which can be handled relatively easily by 2 people. They are ideal for all sizes of garden and can be planted into the ground or transferred into permanent pots for patios and terraces.

To give these mature Japanese Maples the best start in their new home, we recommend applying rootgrow, mixing in some ericaceous compost and putting them in a relatively sheltered location to avoid wind damage on delicate spring foliage. As with any establishing tree, a good watering regime during the warmer months is important in order to allow these mature Japanese Maple trees to spread their roots and settle in. They will reward you amply with their unrivaled foliage.


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