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Many Holly trees are evergreen, with their wonderful glossy leaves providing interest all year round. We offer some Holly varieties with variegated leaves in shades of green, yellow and cream. Small flowers and bright red berries can adorn the trees for further interest. Holly trees are so more than just trees associated with Christmas decorations!

Choosing & Growing Holly Trees

Ilex is a genus of around 500 trees and bushes that are a mix of evergreen and deciduous, though Holly is generally associated with evergreen trees. All the varieties we offer are evergreen, with glossy foliage varying from simple rich green to those with variegated margins. Berries, often red in winter, contrast well against the foliage and are one of the reasons Holly is widely used in Christmas wreaths and other festive decorations. Growing Holly in your garden gives you an endless supply of fresh decorations every year.

These hardy trees like well-drained soil, but can cope with a variety of soil conditions, as well as pollution and exposed sites. Once established, Ilex does not like being moved so it is worth choosing your planting site carefully. Holly is also excellent for wildlife, with birds feasting on the berries and taking shelter among the leaves.

Interesting Facts About Holly

  • Holly trees were historically thought to offer protection from a number of evil forms. Druids wore holly in their hair to protect themselves from evil spirits, whilst others planted them in hedges in the belief it created a barrier for witches and others thought holly protected them from lightning.
  • In Christianity, the association of Holly with Christmas is not purely decorative. It is a reminder of Christ, with the spiky leaves of Common Holly resembling the Crown of Thorns Jesus had to bear on the cross and the red berries resembling the blood that was shed.
  • Ilex fruits are usually called berries but are technically drupes.
  • Whilst many varieties of Holly leaves are not edible, there are certain varieties that are used to brew a tea (not the ornamental ones we stock).
  • Common Holly produces it's most spiky leaves lower down to deter animals that can reach from eating it.


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