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Corylus trees, commonly known as Hazel, produce nuts that are a firm favourite with wildlife. There are many ornamental features of Hazel trees that make them worthy of a place in any garden, ranging from unusual twisted branches to purple foliage and colourful catkins. Varieties that are grown for their edible nuts are sold VAT free and we also offer some other varieties of edible nut tree.

Interesting Facts About Hazel Trees

  • It is disputed whether the Corylus genus sits within the Birch family or their own separate family called Corylaceae.
  • Depending on the species, the nuts produced by these trees can be known as hazelnuts, cobnuts or filbert nuts.
  • Corylus are monoecious, with catkins of either gender found on the same tree.
  • The male catkins are much bigger than female catkins and usually the ones seen decorating the branches in late winter to early spring.
  • In Celtic folklore, eating hazelnuts gave wisdom and inspiration.


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  • Corylus avellana 'Red Majestic' Tree
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