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Grown predominantly for their distinctive pretty flower bracts in shades of white through to rich pink, many Cornus or Dogwood trees also feature brilliant autumn foliage colour and fascinating fruits. Dogwood shrubs, on the other hand, display vivid coloured stems that really come into their own in winter.

Choosing & Growing Dogwood

Our large range of Flowering Dogwood trees (Cornus florida and Cornus kousa) offer plenty of variety in their features. For pink flowers,  'Miss Satomi', 'Cherokee Sunset' and florida rubra are great choices. For variegated foliage, look at 'Variegata', 'Cherokee Daybreak' and 'Rainbow'. The spring and summer features are followed by attractive autumnal foliage and large ornamental berries.

With their changing seasonal features, bushy form and modest size, Flowering Dogwood trees are well suited to small and large gardens alike. They are easy to look after, but prefer neutral to acidic soil and being positioned with morning sun followed by some afternoon shade. Make sure to generously water young trees, especially in times of drought. Less frequent, generous watering is better than more frequent light watering as the water is more likely to reach the roots and provide the moisture they require.

For winter interest, take a look at the deciduous Dogwood shrubs (Cornus alba, Cornus sanguinea, Cornus sericea) that offer fantastic coloured stems which make a striking winter feature. Stems range in colour from crimson red through to dark purple and lime green. For a dramatic multi-hued variety, look at 'Midwinter Fire'. The size of these shrubs makes them suitable for small gardens, but they are equally good for adding winter interest to borders in larger gardens. They benefit from being easy to grow and coping admirably in damp conditions. To promote new stems with the brightest winter colours, simply hard prune back each year around March to mid-April.

Interesting Facts About Cornus Trees

  • Cornus was used to treat dogs with mange, hence the common name Dogwood.
  • An alternate theory for the name Dogwood is that it evolved from Dagwood, because the trees were used for making daggers and arrows.
  • Cornus hard wood has been used for making golf club heads, mallets, tool handles, butcher's blocks and jeweller's boxes.
  • The berries are edible, but they don't taste great!
  • It is the state tree and flower of the U.S state of Virginia.
  • The U.S sent 3000 dogwood saplings to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Washington D.C cherry trees that were given to the U.S by Japan in 1912.
  • Victorian men sometimes gave unmarried women Dogwood springs as a sign of affection. If the woman did not return it, it was presumed she was also interested.
  • American Indians planted their crops in conjunction with the flowering of dogwood trees.
  • They also used the roots of dogwood trees to treat malaria.


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