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Fan Training Fruit Trees

Most often used for plums, cherries and peaches, fan training is one of the more complicated training methods. These varieties should only be pruned in early summer to avoid bacterial canker and silverleaf disease.

Erect training wires against your wall or fence and attach bamboo canes to these in a fan shape. This will form the framework for your fan training.

When growing from a maiden, try to get a tree with plenty of lower laterals. When planting, select two strong low growing laterals to form the fan structure and prune away the growth above these, cut these two laterals back to approximately 30cm. Paint all the cuts with a copper based tree wound paint.

In the following year train the new growth into your framework to form a fan shape. Prune outward growing branches to three to four buds. In subsequent years trim back outward growing shoots and continue to tie in the fan structure to the framework. Once the full size is reached, prune all new growth back to 4-5cm each year in early summer.

Silhouette of Fan Trained Tree

Fan trained fruit tree