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Cryptomeria Trees

Cryptomeria - or Japanese Cedar - is a genus of only one tree - the Crypomeria japonica. it is native to Japan although actually thought to have first been cultivated in China. In these countries it is known as "Sugi". Many cultivars which have derived from the Cryptomeria genus, just like the ones in our selection, are smaller in scale and have a slower growth rate than the generic Cryptomeria japonica, and ten to be used widely for ornamental purposes.

Attractive features of Japanese Cedar trees


The foliage is made up of 4 angled awl-shaped needles which curve inwards with a slight twist, arranged spirally round the branches. Ornamental Cryptomeria trees are extremely dense when young, though tend to develop slightly more clustered, tiered branching with age, creating a graceful and elegant feel.


Japanese Cedar trees display vibrant foliage in the Spring and Summer months, ranging from blue-green to creamy yellow, later adopting shades of copper, purple and bronze in the Autumn. Their fibrous brown bark which displays subtle yet rich tones of red and pink is another highlight, although it is often hidden by masses of foliage. These Japanese Cedar trees really do make perfect specimen trees, creating colourful evergreen interest all year round.


Planting Japanese Cedar trees


They are fairly versatile so can be planted in chalky, sandy, loamy or clay soils, and soils that are acidic, alkaline or neutral. They will fare well in a position of either full sun or partial shade and their colours are at their best when the tree has at least 3 hours of sunlight per day. Crypotmeria trees prefer a deep, fertile soil, one that is moist but well drained.


Interesting facts about Japanese Cedar trees

  • Cryptomeria - or Sugi - is the national tree of Japan, and can be found at many sacred sites across the country
  • The cones of Japanese Cedar trees are spherical or globe-shaped, rather than conical
  • The fragrant red-brown wood of these trees is lightweight, strong and waterproof and is often used in construction, particularly in Japan, where is it used to build houses, ships, bridges and furniture
  • The leaves are widely used in the production of incense























Cryptomeria Trees
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