Conifers are ideal for adding structure, colour and texture to borders or as a specimen tree planted in a lawn. Foliage comes in many shades of green, blue, gold and silver. You can view Conifers by species or if you want to browse, click on "All Conifers" and use the filters that appear to narrow your search. In addition, we have an excellent selection of evergreen trees that are not coniferous.

Interesting Facts About Conifers

  • Pine trees, a variety of ornamental conifer, can live for up over 1000 years
  • The oldest living pine tree is the Pinus longaeva found in the White Mountains in California and is thought to be 4,600 years old
  • The wood and oil of Cedar trees is a natural repellent to moths, hence the use of cedar chests for storing cloths
  • Fir trees include some of the most popular varieties of Christmas trees as they have fragrant needles which are less likely to shed than other species of ornamental conifers
  • The Wright brothers first aircraft was made from the wood of Spruce trees
  • Captain Cook made alcoholic, sugar based Spruce beer for his crew as it is high in Vitamin C and helped to prevent scurvy on long voyages
  • Juniper trees are known for their berries which are a commonly used spice and also the key flavouring of gin. The word "gin" is an abbreviation of the Dutch name for Juniper which is "Genever"
  • Evergreen conifers, such as Juniper, are symbols of longevity, strength and fertility


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