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Cherry Tree Planting, Pruning & Care

Planting Cherry Trees

Our pot grown Cherry trees can be planted at any time of the year, whereas bare root Cherry trees can only be planted between November and March.

Cherry trees should be spaced according to their rootstock, for example a Colt (semi-vigorous) rootstock will require approx. 4 metres between trees, whereas a Gisela 5 (dwarf) rootstock will require approx. 3 metres between trees.

A stake and tie is needed for all cherry trees. Our tree planting kit contains everything you need including rootgrow and rabbit guard. Our guides contain explanations and videos on how to plant container/rootball trees or plant bare root trees.

Video On Planting A Containerised Tree

Video - Planting potted trees

Video On Planting A Rootballed Tree

Video - Planting rootballed trees

Video On Planting A Bare Rooted Tree

Video - Planting bare root trees

Video On Using A Tree Tie

Video - Using a tree tie

Pruning Cherry Trees

It is important to prune your cherry tree for the first few years after planting to ensure a healthy, natural shape with a strong branch structure. Your tree should have one central leader and several side shoots. Straight after planting, trim the main stem back to approximately 120cm and remove the lowest laterals, allowing at least 50cm of clear stem. Carry out this formative pruning in early spring.

To maintain a strong branch structure, you should aim to have 7 or 8 main branches which are well spaced, allowing enough light and air inside the canopy.  Stone fruit trees, such as cherries should be pruned in summer when they are stronger and less susceptible to disease. During summer, prune any crossing, damaged or diseased branches, all the while, making sure the overall form of your tree is balanced and attractive.