Growing Blueberries

Growing blueberries couldn’t be easier!

Blueberries are one of very few fruits to originate from North America, where it is referred to by Native Americans as ‘Star Berry’ due to the star shape of its creamy white flowers. Not only does this super-food have pretty flowers, the bright red autumn colour is a welcome treat!

Blueberry plants require acid soil so unless your soil is already very acid soil plant in good ericaceous compost, available from most garden centres. Blueberries grow very happily in pots. Once planted up try to water with rainwater only, Sue in our accounts department uses pond water to quench the thirst of her blueberry bushes and they give her bumper crops. For the very best crops plant two different varieties of blueberry.

Blueberry growing isn’t without its problems, watch out for birds in your garden which will strip your blueberry bush of its fruit as they begin to ripen. Using a net is a good way to prevent the birds from pinching your crop but be careful to use the net properly so as to avoid any birds becoming trapped inside. We stock a selection of varieties of blueberry plants.

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