How Mycorrhizal Fungi Benefits Your Trees and Shrubs

Mycorrhizal fungi benefits plants for their entire lifetime and has become a gardeners’ essential thanks to its incredible abilities to create a secondary root system. Just one application at the point of planting can provide a lifetime of benefits for trees, hedges, shrubs and other plants.

In this blog we cover:

    • How mycorrhizal fungi works
    • How to apply mycorrhizal fungi
    • Which plants benefit from mycorrhizal fungi
    • When to apply mycorrhizal fungi
    • How can mycorrhizal fungi be supported in garden soil?

How does mycorrhizal fungi work?

When the fungi comes into contact with the plant roots it attaches itself to them and grows outward, searching for nutrients and water to feed them, helping to increase the plants tolerance to drought and adverse soil conditions. Mycorrhizal fungi is present in all soils, however, in domestic soils cultivation and use of fertilisers can disrupt the amount present which is why it is beneficial to add it in the form of the RHS endorsed rootgrow by Empathy, which we stock in three pack sizes.

Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi is completely natural, within as little as four weeks it creates an entire secondary root system that will support the tree or plant for a lifetime.

How to apply mycorrhizal fungi

Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi is a granular additive which is perfect for trees, hedges and shrubs that are either being repotted in containers or added directly to beds and borders. Simply sprinkle onto the roots over the planting hole, it is vital that the roots come into contact with rootgrow, backfill and water as normal.

Which plants benefit from mycorrhizal fungi?

The majority of trees, plants, shrubs and edibles can benefit from mycorrhizal fungi, however there are plant varieties that it doesn’t work on, these include rhododendrons, azaleas, heathers, cranberries and blueberries.

When should I apply mycorrhizal fungi?

Mycorrhizal fungi is best used at the point of planting, however established plants can still benefit, if you are repotting or moving plants around the garden you can add it.

How can I support mycorrhizal fungi in my garden soil?

You can support your tree, shrub, hedge or plant and stimulate soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi using After Plant Evergreen or After Plant Tree and Shrub, both can be used as a top dressing to help supply nutrients to the plants and enhance soil quality.

Want to learn more about mycorrhizal fungi? Watch this video.

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