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Fagus or Beech trees are popular for their attractive dense foliage that comes in colours from bright lime green through to rich dark purple. Beech trees also have a wonderful elegant shape, so we offer them in a variety of forms including upright, weeping and rounded.

Choosing & Growing Beech Trees

Fagus, to use its Latin name, is a genus of deciduous trees in the Fagaceae family. The genus contains a number of subgenus, with Fagus sylvatica (European Beech) cultivars being popular as ornamental trees, due to the range of size, form and foliage colours to choose from. For a grand appearance, consider the native Fagus sylvatica, purple-leaved Fagus sylvatica purpurea or even pleached forms of these varieties. For unusual golden lime coloured foliage, look no further than Fagus sylvatica 'Dawyck Gold'. Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea Pendula', on the other hand, is a very small Beech tree.

The leaf canopy casts an attractive but dense shade so only plants tolerant of full shade will grow at the base of beech trees. Beech trees are popular for hedging and for avenue planting, especially in urban settings where they create an attractive shaded passage. Beech trees are also favoured for attracting wildlife such as birds, squirrels and butterflies. They grow in a range of soil types, except for waterlogged soils.

Interesting Facts about Beech Trees

  • Beech trees are monoecious, meaning that a single tree produces both male and female reproductive parts. In the case of Beech, they take the form of separate male and female flowers.
  • Beech trees produce edible nuts, called beechmast or beechnuts, however they are very bitter. Some say that the Neolithic tribes introduced beech trees to Europe because of the edible nuts.
  • The bark is very thin and does not have the ability to heal itself, so carvings such as initials and dates will remain in the bark for many years.
  • The longest and tallest hedge in the world is made from Beech trees. The Meikleour Beech hedge in Scotland was planted in 1745 and can be seen year round on the A93 Perth-Blairgowrie road.
  • Model is a textile used in clothing and bedding that is formed with the cellulose from pulped Beech wood.
  • The light-coloured wood is used for flooring and furniture.
  • Beech wood also makes good firewood and it is used to smoke various meats and cheeses.


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