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Phyllostachys, commonly known as Bamboo plants, are great for elegant screening or as specimen plants in borders. We offer a choice of elegant bamboo plants with green, golden or black stems. They are all clump forming bamboos which are easier to control than other forms.

Choosing & Growing Bamboo Plants

Broadly speaking, Bamboo plants either fall into the category of clump forming (which ours are) or running. Unless you are happy to have your bamboo spread considerably, you should choose clump forming. Even clump forming bamboos will spread to an extent but you can control the spread.  If you are planting clump forming bamboo into the ground, just be vigilant about digging out any rhizomes that are spreading beyond the area you want. You can plant Bamboo in a container if you keep the soil moist but well drained and choose a sheltered location. If you are planting in a container, we recommend using water retaining gel to prevent drying out and remember to keep moist even in dry winter spells or the leaves will be more susceptible to wind scorch.

The most reliable method though is to plant within a root barrier which is at least 2ft deep but deeper if you can manage it. Use a material like paving slabs or root barrier fabric or corrugated iron sheets (not pond liner because Bamboo roots can penetrate that) and overlap fabric by at least 1ft but again more if you can.  Bond the joins in root fabric with mastic.  Make sure that the root barrier top edge is at least 3 inches higher than the soil level to prevent creep. Then plant as normal and when you are firming in take a great deal of care to make sure the fresh young canes (rhizomes) are not damaged.

History & Uses of Bamboo

Phyllostachys are technically a type of grass as they belong to the grass family Poaceae, but they form hard canes unlike many grasses. Whilst typically associated with warm climates, some grow in cooler higher altitudes. The varieties we offer are all suited to growing in the UK.

Bamboo have a wide variety of uses. In Asia they are still used in construction, whether being used as the scaffolding or making houses from them. The canes are often used by nurseries to support trees and many of our younger trees use bamboo cane supports! Bamboo fibres can be turned into fabric or paper.

Bamboo is often found in Asian and Indonesian cuisine, but must be processed properly to make them edible for humans.


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