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Thuja Conifers | Western Red Cedar

Thuja is a genus of conifers, consisting of five species and a large number of cultivars.  The name Thuja was given to this group of trees by Swedish botanist Linnaeus in 1753 and it derives from the Greek word "thuo" meaning "sacrifice" as when animals were sacrificed Thuja wood would often be burned alongside them to add a pleasant aroma to the fire.

Attractive features of Thuja conifers

  • Evergreen foliage providing interest and coverage all year round
  • Their scale-like leaves are arranged in flattened groupings, creating an attractive fan-shaped appearance
  • Although some Thuja's have a reputation for reaching very large heights and getting a bit wild, our selection of ornamental Thuja conifers are relatively small-scale, making them ideal choices for small gardens, as well as suitable candidates for being kept in a pot
  • With their tight, dense foliage and relatively slow growth rate, our Thuja trees are non-invasive and low maintenance
  • Our choice of Thuja trees vary in shade from rich greens to warm golden yellows; although typically pyramidal in shape, their compact foliage can be trimmed to suit your planting scheme
  • Our selection of varieties are particularly suitable as part of a border or on a patio

Uses of Thuja conifers

  • Thuja wood is light, soft and resistant to decay and is commonly used in the production of fence posts, building cladding (it's more often known as Western Red Cedar when used for building purposes)
  • Thuja needles were used (primarily in Canada where it grew prolifically) to make a tea which was thought to prevent and treat scurvy
  • The oil found in Thuja leaves is used for medicinal purposes, an is thought to have anti-rheumatic, insect repellent, astringent and diuretic qualities



Thuja Conifers | Western Red Cedar
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£29.99 (ex. VAT)

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