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Pine Conifer Trees | Pinus

Pine trees are evergreen, coniferous trees belonging to the family Pinacea. There are approximately 115 species of Pine located across the Northern Hemisphere, making the Pine the most common coniferous tree worldwide. They are often found at high altitudes due to their hardy and resilient nature.

Features of Pine trees


  • The foliage of Pine trees is made up of small bundles of needles (usually between 2 and 5 needles in each cluster, dependent on the species) which sit in fascicles and are arranged in spirals about the stem
  • Pine trees are evergreen and therefore provide year round cover. They retain each set of needles for at least two years, and when these fall (they don't all fall at once), they are immediately replaced with new ones
  • Pine trees are monoecious, meaning each plant produces both male and female cones. The male cones produce pollen which is carried by the win to the female cones where pollination of the female seeds will take place


Our range of Pine trees


Although many species of Pine can reach upwards of 30m in height, our selection are much more small-scale - particularly Pinus sylvestris Chantry Blue which is a dwarf conifer and can be kept at low heights with little maintenance. All of our Pine trees are currently in shrub form, and are suitable as feature trees or specimen plants, as well as for filling borders. They're great for providing interest all year round and the way in which their needles droop creates a graceful feel.


Planting Pine trees


Pine trees are really quite versatile when it comes to preferred soil conditions, growing well in chalk, loam, sand and clay, as well as both acidic and alkaline soils, as long as they are fairly well drained. Pine trees do prefer to be in full sun and if planted in shade you may find that they don't grow as quickly and the foliage may be less vibrant.


Interesting facts about Pines


  • One of the oldest living organisms is a pine tree, known as Methuselah - it's almost 5000 years old and can be found in the White Mountains of California
  • Pine wood is commonly used in the manufacture of ships, railway tracks, furniture, roofs and floors
  • Pine trees produce a resin that flows from injured bark, which is highly flammable and likely to spread forest fires
Pine Conifer Trees | Pinus
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