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Pine trees are evergreen, with attractive needles that come in various colours and lengths. Although many species can reach upwards of 30m in height, our selection of Pine trees focuses on those that are suitable sizes for domestic gardens, whether you want a feature tree or a dwarf variety to fill a border all year round.

Choosing Pine Trees

Pinus belong to the family Pinacea and are the most common type of coniferous tree worldwide. There are approximately 125 species of Pine tree across the Northern Hemisphere, with Pinus sylvestris a native of the UK.

Pine trees are evergreen, with small bundles of needles (usually between 2 and 5 needles in each cluster, dependent on the species) which sit in fascicles and are arranged in spirals about the stem. They retain each set of needles for at least two years, and when these fall (they don't all fall at once), they are immediately replaced with new ones. The needles vary in both colour and length between species. Pinus wallichiana has particularly long, soft needles, whilst Pinus parviflora 'Tempelhof' has eye catching steel blue needles - this is also a dwarf form suitable for the smallest of gardens.

The cones are an attractive feature and as Pine trees are monoecious, they produces both male and female cones. The male cones produce pollen which is carried by the wind to the female cones where pollination of the female seeds will take place. Some varieties also have attractive peeling bark and others lend themselves to being pruned into ornate 'Cloud' trees.

The bark is textural, varying from scaly to flaky dependent on the species.

Planting Pine Trees

Pine trees are really quite versatile Conifers when it comes to preferred soil conditions, growing well in chalk, loam, sand and clay and either acidic and alkaline conditions, as long as it is fairly well draining. Pine trees do prefer to be in full sun and if planted in shade you may find that they don't grow as quickly and the foliage may be less vibrant.

Uses of Pine Trees

In addition to their ornamental value as trees, the wood from Pine trees is one of the most commonly used types of timber in both construction and carpentry. Interior uses include window and door frames, flooring and furniture. For exterior use it requires treating.


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