Hedging Plants

Hedging is more than just a way to define a boundary, it can provide shelter, interest and a haven for wildlife. There are varieties that lend themselves to formal or informal settings and those that are evergreen or provide seasonal interest. Our hedging pack deals are great value and include delivery in the price.

A selection of native, deciduous and evergreen hedging that can be purchased singularly or often in 5 metre packs.  


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25 Items
  • Leylandii Hedge Pack Evergreen
    From £59.99 (ex VAT)
  • Pleached Photinia × fraseri 'Red Robin' trees Evergreen
    £439.99 (ex VAT)
  • Pleached Lime Trees
    £359.99 (ex VAT)
  • Pleached Cherry Laurel trees Evergreen
    £359.99 (ex VAT)
  • Pleached Purple Beech Trees
    £359.99 (ex VAT)
  • Pleached Hornbeam trees
    £339.99 (ex VAT)
  • Yew hedging Evergreen
    From £69.99 (ex VAT)
  • Pleached Ornamental Pear trees
    £299.99 (ex VAT)
  • Pleached Ornamental Plum Trees
    £299.99 (ex VAT)
  • Photinia × fraseri 'Red Robin' tree Evergreen
    From £49.99 (ex VAT)
  • Native hedging
    From £54.99 (ex VAT)
  • Cherry Laurel Hedging Evergreen
    From £45.99 (ex VAT)
  • Privet hedging Evergreen
    From £44.99 (ex VAT)
  • Common Box hedge Evergreen
    From £60.99 (ex VAT)
  • Purple Beech Hedge Pack
    From £54.99 (ex VAT)
  • Holly Hedge Pack Evergreen
    From £44.99 (ex VAT)
  • Ilex crenata hedging Evergreen
    £54.99 (ex VAT)
  • Portuguese Laurel hedging Evergreen
    £49.99 (ex VAT)
  • Griselinia littoralis hedging Evergreen
    £49.99 (ex VAT)
  • Carpinus betulus - Hedging Pack
    From £32.99 (ex VAT)
  • Beech Hedge Pack
    From £39.99 (ex VAT)
  • English Lavender 'Munstead' Evergreen
    £45.99 (ex VAT)
  • English Lavender 'Hidcote Evergreen
    £45.99 (ex VAT)
  • Crataegus monogyna hedging
    From £35.99 (ex VAT)