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Choosing Trees

How do you measure trees? +
Is the nursery open to the public? +
Can I call for advice? +
Do fruit trees require pollination? +

Ordering & Delivery

What payment methods do you offer? +
Can I add to my existing order? +
How will my order be delivered? +
When will my order be delivered? +
What is a pre-order? +
What if I'm out when you deliver? +
Where is the rootgrow I ordered? +
Can I open a trade account? +

Planting & Tree Care

Do you offer a planting service? +
How big should I dig my planting hole? +
How do I plant my trees? +
When do I need to water my trees? +
How do I prune my trees? +
How long can I keep a potted plant before planting it? +
Why does my tree have no leaves? +
Why is my tree a different colour to expected? +