Choosing Trees

  • Is the nursery open to the public – Our nursery is a busy dispatch centre and therefore customers need to make an appointment to view or collect trees. For collections dispatch charges will be refunded.
  • How do you measure mature trees - Unlike smaller trees (up to 250cm) that we measure in height, larger or more mature trees are measured by their girth size. Girth size is a measure of the circumference of the stem taken 1 metre up from the soil level. Whilst we also suggest a height in the specification this is only a guide.
  • Can I call for advice - We have a wealth of information in the help and advice section, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us on 01943 660870 and our friendly team will be happy to help.

Ordering & Delivery

  • Can I add to my existing order - As long as your order hasn’t been dispatched, you can usually add to your order. Please call 01943 660870 to make additions.
  • How will my order be delivered – Trees are packed in specially designed containers and delivered using couriers who've been tried and tested over many years.
  • When will my order be delivered – Please see the delivery page for estimates. Once ordered, we will keep you updated.
  • When will my pre-order be delivered – Trees on pre-order are still growing and an estimate of when they will be ready is given on the basket page. Orders will be despatched when all trees are ready.
  • What if I'm not in when you deliver – Don’t worry, we can leave your order somewhere safe as instructed by you in your delivery instructions. (For example, ‘ leave through side gate’. )
  • Where is the rootgrow I ordered – Please check inside the plastic bag as we stow it there to keep it safe.

Planting & Tree Care

  • Do you supply a planting service – Sorry, not at this time.
  • How big should I dig my planting hole – We recommend digging a hole as deep as the pot/rootball and approximately twice as wide.
  • How do I plant my trees – Our tree planting guide covers the vast majority of our trees. For bare root trees, see our bare root tree planting guide.
  • How do I prune my trees – The help and advice section contains detailed advice.
  • How long can I keep a potted plant before planting it – Most of our potted trees can be kept in their pots for several weeks prior to planting but the nutrients in the pot will also run out over a period of time so planting should be a priority. Pots will require daily watering in hot or very dry weather.
  • How long can I keep a bare root before planting it – It is preferable to plant bare root trees as soon as possible, but they can be kept in their bag for up to 1 week in a frost free location. Alternatively bare root trees can be heeled into some soft ground until you are ready to plant. Our bare root tree planting guide has details on heeling in.
  • How long can I keep a rootball before planting it – It is preferable to plant rootball trees as soon as possible, but they can be stored somewhere cool and frost free for several weeks, as long as they are kept damp. Alternatively rootballed trees can be heeled into some soft ground until you are ready to plant. Our tree planting guide has details on heeling in.
  • My tree has no leaves - Many of our trees are deciduous, so they lose their leaves in winter. Trees grown in containers are more susceptible to fluctuations in temperature so tend to lose their leaves a little earlier than trees planted in the open ground.
  • My tree is a different colour to expected - The foliage on some of our ornamental trees changes colour with the seasons (not just autumn) and this is described on the product page for each variety. To protect our Japanese Maples from strong sunlight, we keep them in a shade house that can affect the leaf colour, but their natural colouring will develop when they have been planted outside.