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Gardening Trends for 2022 And Beyond

The environment remains a key focus in the wider world and is reflected in gardening trends in a number of ways. Gardens are slowly stepping away from the sleek urban style and evolving a softer, more relaxed look with plenty of texture, akin to nature itself. Try using natural materials for landscaping including stone and wood. This can be softened further with low-growing plants such as thyme planted between paving slabs. Mixing and matching old paving slabs is a great way to be kind on your wallet and the environment... Read More

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Growing Fruit In The UK

Despite the UK’s reputation for changeable weather, it is possible to grow a wide variety of fruit. Apples and pears are some of the most widely grown fruit trees in the UK and for good reason. They can cope with the cold, wind and rain better than most trees with stone fruits (cherries, peaches etc), although their tolerance varies with variety. If you live in southern and central England, you will have a wider choice of varieties to pick from than if you live further north. Even within a garden,... Read More

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Early Spring Flowering Trees

It’s early spring and a number of our trees and shrubs are in full bloom. Of the cherry blossom trees, Prunus ‘Okame’, Prunus mume ‘Beni-chidori’ and Prunus ‘Pink Cascade’ are all awash with a mass of pink flowers. Prunus mume ‘Omoi-no-mama’ and Prunus ‘Marie Mallet’ are good choices of early white flowering varieties, sometimes displaying pink flushes. Acacia dealbata Gaulois Astier currently has bright yellow spherical flowerheads that are reminiscent of pompoms all over it. An alternative early yellow flowering tree is Cornus mas, which produces a plethora of small, bright... Read More

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Growing Cherry Blossom Trees in Pot and Containers

The cherry blossom lined streets of Japan are a sight to behold but you don’t need to travel abroad or have a large garden to enjoy these flowers up close. A number of Flowering Cherry varieties are small enough to be grown in a container, but still put on a fantastic display. Cherry Blossom trees like a sunny and sheltered position, so growing compact varieties in pots on a sheltered patio is ideal. They don’t tolerate wet soil well, so in autumn and winter it is worth using pot feet... Read More

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New Arrivals For 2022 – Our Pick Of The Latest Fruit Trees

We’re thrilled to announce a number of new fruit trees and bushes have been added to our offering. Firstly, Tickled Pink is an exciting dual-purpose apple tree with colourful red-fleshed apples that retain their shape, colour and flavour when cooked. The delicious apples were even featured on the BBC’s Great British Menu in 2019. We also have three new eating apple varieties that are all suited to juicing. Chivers Delight and Jonagold have a sweet honeyed flavour, with the large fruits of Jonagold storing for 1-2 months and Chivers Delight... Read More

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Feefo Platinum Service Award 2022

For the 7th year running, we’ve received the highest level of award from Feefo! We’re delighted to accept the Platinum Trusted Service Award for 2022. Feefo gives these awards to brands that “officially deliver exceptional experiences for their customers”. Feefo is a leading independent review platform that collects genuine reviews from real people. We’ve received the Platinum Trusted Service Award in 2022, 2021 and 2020. Prior to that, the highest award was the Gold Trusted Service Award which we received in 2019, 2018 and 2017. We’d like to thank all... Read More

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New Arrivals For 2022 – Our Pick Of The Latest Trees & Shrubs

At Ornamental Trees, we’re always excited to come across new varieties for the garden. Here’s a taster of our new arrivals, from dwarf Cherry Blossom trees to oak-leaved Hydrangea shrubs. If you want an unusual Flowering Cherry tree, Prunus litigiosa has distinctive flowers with long anthers. For small gardens, Prunus ‘Frilly Frock’ is a fantastic dwarf weeping Cherry tree. It has pale pink spring flowers followed by variegated foliage with good autumn colour, providing interest from spring through to autumn. For foliage, Cercis canadensis ‘Carolina Sweetheart’ sets itself apart with... Read More

Ilex aquifolium tree covered in frost 06/01/2022
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Tree Tasks For Winter

The garden may be quieter in winter, but doing these tasks will protect trees from cold, blustery weather and get your garden ready for spring: Winter is an ideal time to prune several tree species, such as Rowan and Apple. Check our individual product pages for the best time to prune your tree. Check tree stakes are secure and ties are adjusted correctly, so they can stand up to strong winter winds. Terracotta pots (non-frostproof ones) can crack when water freezes. Protect them by relocating to a warmer area such... Read More

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How Mycorrhizal Fungi Benefits Your Trees and Shrubs

Mycorrhizal fungi benefits plants for their entire lifetime and has become a gardeners’ essential thanks to its incredible abilities to create a secondary root system. Just one application at the point of planting can provide a lifetime of benefits for trees, hedges, shrubs and other plants. In this blog we cover: How mycorrhizal fungi works How to apply mycorrhizal fungi Which plants benefit from mycorrhizal fungi When to apply mycorrhizal fungi How can mycorrhizal fungi be supported in garden soil? How does mycorrhizal fungi work? When the fungi comes into... Read More

Watering can 01/07/2021
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Are You Watering Your Trees Correctly?

We’re all aware a good watering regime is essential for young trees and shrubs to establish. In hot and dry weather, correct watering becomes even more important, so here’s a recap. When and Where? Establishing trees and shrubs need watering in spring and summer. After 3 years, trees will have developed a larger root structure, but it is still advisable to water some species in periods of drought. Water plants early in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler, as this reduces the amount of water lost... Read More