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Primary School Competition Winners

We had a fantastic response to our ‘Win A Mini Orchard For Your Primary School’ competition, with hundreds of entries selecting the 3 top poems was a daunting task but we narrowed it down and here they are! Apple An apple could be as big as a elephant or as small as a ant It could be as spotty as a dinosaur or as weak as a noodle. An apple could be as rough as a tire or as smooth as a piece of silk and last of all it’s... Read More

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Apple Tasting Success

Our apple tasting day was a real success with a great turn out and lots of interest in the different varieties available. Sue our accounts manager spent countless hours stewing apples which went down fantastically with everybody who joined us on the day. We kept a record of the most popular apples on the day and in no particular order, here they are; Greensleeves An excellent green dessert apple with crisp, tangy flesh. From Kent in 1966. Ashmeads Kernel A tasty apple with green/yellow, red flushed skin and crisp yellow flesh... Read More

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Family Fruit Trees

A family fruit tree is a great choice for those with room for just one tree. The family fruit tree consists of 2 or more varieties of a fruit grafted onto one tree. Grafting has been practised for thousands of years and is a method of asexual plant propagation where the tissues of one plant are encouraged to fuse with those of another. The grafting technique is used to ensure that varieties are true to type. Living, viable material, called the scion, is removed from the variety you wish to... Read More

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Growing Blueberries

Growing blueberries couldn’t be easier! Blueberries are one of very few fruits to originate from North America, where it is referred to by Native Americans as ‘Star Berry’ due to the star shape of its creamy white flowers. Not only does this super-food have pretty flowers, the bright red autumn colour is a welcome treat! Blueberry plants require acid soil so unless your soil is already very acid soil plant in good ericaceous compost, available from most garden centres. Blueberries grow very happily in pots. Once planted up try to... Read More

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Top Picks – Fragrant Flowers And Foliage

Often we choose trees and shrubs for our gardens that are aesthetically pleasing; sumptuous foliage, rich flowers and striking architectural forms but we mustn’t over look the importance of fragrance. From shrubs that dizzy the senses with the aroma of their blooms to trees with autumn foliage that smells good enough to eat here are my top picks for fragrance. Chimonanthus praecox – Wintersweet Fragrant: December January February A lovely medium sized bushy shrub for winter interest, wintersweet bares deliciously scented custard yellow flowers with blackberry-purple stained centres. Davidia involucrate... Read More

Around The Nursery Today

Around The Nursery Today

Some of the photographs that I’ve taken around the nursery today… Pear ‘Thorn’ – Looking rosy the perry pear ‘Thorn’. View here Nyssa sylvatica – The black gum or black tulepo tree with amazing autumn colour already – it was almost too much for my camera to take! View here Acer platanoides ‘Red Lace’ – Fantastic frilly orange autumn colour from our own introduction [2005] ‘Red Lace’. View here Betula utilis jaquemontii ‘Doorenbos’ – Stunning white stemmed birch multistem that we planted in the car park last season. View all... Read More

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Trees For Small Gardens

Blog update – November 2018. This blog is packed with tree ideas for small gardens. For those of us with small gardens, patio gardens or courtyard gardens choosing a tree is an important task. Often there is room for only one tree, so this single specimen must provide us with the most tree for our money. Trees for small gardens should be chosen not only for their limited height and spread but also for their features, as often a singular tree will become a feature tree within a small garden.... Read More


Homage To The Moggies

Fluffy and Socks This very short post is to pay homage to our resident pussy cats – Fluffy and Socks who do a marvellous job keeping our sheds rodent free! They joined us over 8 years ago and were named by our field workers. The purrr-fect brother and sister team!

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Trees For Pots

Many of us have a patio garden or balcony garden on which to create a lovely green habitat, others may have a roof garden; any of these small gardens can be a perfect home for trees and shrubs in pots. Kitchen garden in a pot There is a huge choice of fruit for the kitchen garden, some of which are ideal trees for pots. Dwarf apples, pears and cherries can all be patio trees. Apples will require rootstock ‘M27’ or ‘M9’, Pears rootstock ‘Quince C’ and cherries ‘Gisela 5’ for... Read More

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Win A Mini Orchard For Your Primary School

  Win a mini orchard for your primary school! Growing fruit trees is a great way to promote healthy eating and an understanding of where our food comes from. We think it’s important for children to learn about trees, how they grow and their environmental benefits; so we are running a competition in which 3 primary schools can win a mini orchard of 5 fruit trees. We’re asking for primary school children to send us a fruit tree poem. This poem can be about anything related to fruit trees, for... Read More