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We often find butterflies inside the tunnels, when we do it’s best to gently scoop them up and pop them outside as the tunnels can get over warm and the butterflies get tired trying to find a way out. We like to offer a helping hand and watch them flutter away, displaying their wonderfully colourful wings.

Fruit Trees & Bushes

Fruit Trees – The Maths

Whilst in the ‘Market Street’ of my local supermarket this week I paused to think about the cost of buying fruit. To the probable consternation of my fellow shoppers, a tortured expression fixed itself on my face while I did some mental arithmatic. This went as follows:- The approximate yield from an apple tree – I’m thinking in maturity on an MM106 rootstock, but let’s not worry about the fine detail- is, on average, 100lbs of apples. At current prices ( average 82p/lb) that volume would cost £82.00 to buy.... Read More

Around The Nursery Today, Fruit Trees & Bushes

Cherries are early this year

This year the cherry trees are producing their fruit early. Now the cherries are starting to ripen-up in the fields it’s staff like Gareth who get the pick of the crop! He’s got a rather tasty looking handful of Cherry Stella which I’m hoping he’ll share!! Cherry Stella was the first self fertile sweet cherry and is the top choice for garden use. Large, dark red fruits that are sweet and juicy are usually produced in late July but in this case much earlier in late June. A very popular... Read More


Top 3 Garden Blogs

Here at Ornamental Tree Nurseries we love technology and when tech and gardening come together we can’t get enough! Here are our top 3 garden blogs; My Tiny Plot A veritable feast for allotment gardeners. @mytinyplot on Twitter The Transatlantic Gardener An interesting blog from an interesting point of view by award-winning garden writer Graham Rice @Graham_Rice on Twitter Kate Bradbury for BBC Gardeners World You can be assured of an informative and interesting read from Kate Bradbury, especially where creepy crawlies are involved @Kate_Bradbury on Twitter

Fruit Trees & Bushes

Boozy Berries

It’s this time of year when I start getting handed carrier bags full ripe fruit in the office. Last year I made colossal vats of fruit jam, apple and sloe, apricot, blackcurrant etc. but this year I’m trying something a little different. We’ve all heard of slow gin and often my sister in law serves up a glass of blackberry whisky at Christmas but I’ve chosen to attempt something that I haven’t tried before, I’m making some blackcurrant rum. I’ve used 200g of blackcurrants, 40g sugar and just over half... Read More

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Cornus – Dogwoods

There are some glorious flowering dogwoods out there and now is the time that they are looking fantastic. The cornus kousa chinensis with its creamy white bracts looks good grown as a bush or single stem tree. For something a little different Cornus florida Cherokee Chief has large pink bracts that smother the branches in abundance. Cornus kousa China Girl is a slightly finer form of chinensis, the white bracts are more reliable as chinensis is often grown from seed and genetic variations can occur such as pink blotches over... Read More

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Environmental Policy

It is part of our environmental policy to avoid the indiscriminate use of toxic pesticides. To do so, we believe, is wasteful and endangers wildlife. Instead, we operate a system of IPM, (integrated pest management), and a level of tolerance. We use biological pest control, (one beasty to eat another); in our composts to control vine weevil, and in our growing tunnels to control aphids and red spider mite. We tolerate some insect damage to the trees as long as it does not adversely affect the overall wellbeing of the... Read More

Around The Nursery Today, Fruit Trees & Bushes

Container grown plants available now

Its May, the world is green with fresh new growth, fruit trees have flowered, the sun is warm. There is still time to plant pot grown fruit trees, but this wasn’t always so. Until the 1960’s all plants were either sold bare rooted in the winter months, or as rootballs in the spring and autumn. In both cases the plants were grown in the ground. Growing plants in pots originated in America, indeed, they still call pots ‘cans’, as it was old tin cans that were used before commercial production... Read More

Company News


Some superb testimonials from our superb customers! Thank you all for your kind comments. “Ornamental Tree Nurseries has a comprehensive list of trees, many of them rare and unusual…” Alan Titchmarsh “The service I received from Ornamental Tree Nurseries was excellent in every aspect. Your website now has pride of place in my ‘favourites’ and I would not hesitate to recommend or use your service again in the future.” Mrs S, London “The tree was at the front door when I arrived home. It was beautifully packaged and was in... Read More