Why should you choose a Native Tree?

There are endless reasons why native trees are a great choice for your garden, not including the wonderfully striking aesthetic impact that they provide.


By choosing a native Acer Campestre 2species, immediately you are selecting a tree with a better chance of survival and success. This is because these trees have adapted to local climates and specific regional conditions. These developments include a resistance to certain diseases and pests and in some cases, even a tolerance of other environmental forces, such as pollution. This makes the tree a fairly low maintenance choice, as the increased hardiness protects the trees health and native varieties rarely require fertilizers or pesticides to encourage growth.


Not only are native trees better able to handle indigenous conditions than non-native species, they also provide an array of benefits to the ecosystem in which they are planted. Native trees are the most valuable resource in terms of habitats and food for local wildlife species, many of which are now at risk of decline or becoming endangered, as they are running out of the native plants that they depend on for survival.


Planting native trees also adds heritage and conservation value to the local landscape and improves the surrounding soil conditions, reducing the chances of soil erosion, as well as improving the water quality in nearby streams and rivers.

Sorbus Aucuparia

Quercus Robur


So, next time you’re considering purchasing a new tree, think about all the rewards that a native tree can bring, reaching far beyond the walls of your garden. Native trees are quick to establish and the benefits last for as long as the tree grows.

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