Summer Colours

With the blossoming of so many bright, new flowers in the spring and the rich, warm colours that autumn brings, summer is often overlooked as a season perfect for a colourful garden.


Wandering round the nursery today, the cream splashed foliage of the Populus Candicans Aurora tree stands out against the rest of the greens and brings with it a splash of colour now that the spring flowers have started to disappear. It is not only the colourful leaves that catch your eye but their heart-shape and the fresh balsam scent that drifts off the plant that make this a great summer tree.

Populus Candicans Aurora Tree edited


Similar to the Populus Candicans Aurora tree, the Cercis canadensis Lavender Twist also boasts heart-shaped, green leaves which are often flushed red. Following the loss of its lavender-pink flowers, the foliage turn its seasonal Autumn yellow.

Cercis Canadensis Lavender Twist Tree


Another, quite rare tree, flooding our nursery with colour is Koelreuteria paniculata Coral Sun, or The Golden Rain Tree. The lime green/acid yellow leaves and the vibrant red stems offer the ideal combination to brighten any garden.

koelreuteria paniculata edited


Another exciting discovery made today was that the fruits are finally starting to develop amongst our Olive Trees (Olea europaea). As well as the ripe, picking olives perfect for nibbles on the patio during a warm summer evening, the Olea europaea offers an array of dark greens and softer colours throughout the year.

Olive Standard Tree Olea europaea


Aside from the selection of colours provided by the various foliage of the trees on our nursery, the deep, glossy bark found on the Prunus serrula tree (also known as the Tibetan cherry tree) offers a range of warmer colours year round, from deep mahogany to rich cinnamon, and is currently on special offer on our website.

prunus serrula tree


This is just a small selection of our products that can be used to transform the fading colours of spring into a dazzling, new summer garden. Click here to explore our full range of vibrant plants and trees.

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