Thinking Ahead ~ Autumn Inspiration

All this rain in August has me thinking about the Autumn months. Beautiful crisp, cold days and colourful autumn leaves are my favourite time of year. Nothing brightens up the chillier months more than some vibrant foliage, colourful berries and lighter shades of bark.

In this post I’d like to highlight some of my favourite Ornamental Trees for autumn and winter. These varieties will provide autumn colour and winter coverage, suitable for a range of garden sizes. Whether you have a small patch that needs sprucing up or a large lawn with room for a new addition, there’s a tree suited to every garden.

Our October Glory Acer Rubrum Trees are just that – glorious! A particularly hardy but relatively small tree, October Glory boasts the most vibrant autumn foliage. Acer Rubrum’s green foliage transforms into beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow, creating a blend of warm, rich colours that will spice up a winter scene.

October Glory

Another great tree to offer autumn colour is Sorbus Joseph Rock. Its pinnate foliage turns a wonderful mixture of red, orange and purple, creating a contrast to the bright yellow berries. The berries, which appear in summer but hang on to the branches until winter, are a welcome treat for many birds. If colourful berries and foliage aren’t persuasive enough, Yellow Berried Mountain Ash Trees also provide corymbs of creamy white flowers, a wildlife favourite!


For those who are talented in the kitchen as well as the garden, we have beautiful Malus Rosehip Trees that are already filled with bright red Crab Apples, ideal for making Crab Apple Jelly. Our Flowering Crab Apple Trees are also a source of interest to wildlife, especially honeybees. As a small growing, pollution tolerant tree, Malus Rosehips are ideal for even the smallest, urban gardens, allowing you to bring Mother Nature into the city!

We also have Malus Marble Trees, offering translucent red crab apples, marbled with a warm mixture of yellow and pink.

Crab Apple

For a more unusual look, white barked Himalayan Birch Trees are fantastic. Their snowy white bark sheds to reveal a warmer toned underlay. Our Betula Utilis Jacquemontii Snow White Trees add a unique touch to any space, whilst their mid-green foliage turns a buttery yellow in autumn. For more generous spaces, the single stem trees are ideal but if you space is limited our multi stem trees are better suited.

Himalayan Birch

An elegant tree for winter coverage is the Eucalyptus Pauciflora Debeuzevillei, its juvenile foliage is bright blue, turning grey-green as it matures. The aromatic leaves hold on well during winter, adding a warm shade of winter cover to your garden.

Eucalyptus Pauciflora Debeuzevillei

Now is a great time to think about how you would like your garden to look in autumn and winter. Why not plants a tree now and enjoy the benefits almost immediately?!

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