Apple Bramley Seedling

It is a wet and windy Friday afternoon and I’m sat here thinking about food! In particular the Apple Bramley Seedling. The Bramley Apple is widely recognised as the very best of the cooking apples for its reliable flavour and texture.

A veritable goddess in the kitchen Delia says ‘I am quite definitely a Bramley lover… the Bramley is a star: it has an acidic yet fragrant apple flavour and it cooks to a fluffiness that is very much part of English cooking through the ages – as English as apple pie’  … plenty of hot custard springs to mind.

The Bramley Apple Tree is so well loved in fact that it has its very own website, full of recipes, history and interesting facts. Click here to see it.

Luckily for me I have a golden batch of ready prepared Bramley Apple in my freezer at home which I may defrost tonight and devour with vanilla ice-cream!

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