Primary School Competition Winners

We had a fantastic response to our ‘Win A Mini Orchard For Your Primary School’ competition, with hundreds of entries selecting the 3 top poems was a daunting task but we narrowed it down and here they are!


An apple could be as big as a elephant or as small as a ant
It could be as spotty as a dinosaur or as weak as a noodle.
An apple could be as rough as a tire or as smooth as a piece of silk
and last of all it’s very good.
An apple is incredibly scrumptious for some people

Harry, Age 7 from Moorside Primary School

The Apple Tree

I am a tree standing proud and tall
I rustle my leaves and wave my arms to you all
I drink rainwater and grow in the bright warm sun
I grow lots of fruit for each and everyone
Crisp, red, juicy apples for you all to eat
So come along to the garden where each day we can meet

Adam, Age 9 from Rowley Hall Primary School

My Apple Tree

I had a little apple tree
I grew it in a pot
In the spring it started to grow
With blossom so bright it seemed to glow
The leaves were green
The branches brown
The bees came to visit from out of town
The apples were growing rosy and red
I wanted to eat them but while I was in bed
The birds eat them instead

Niamh, Age 6 from Earby Springfield Primary School

A big well done to all of our entries!

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