Top Picks – Fragrant Flowers And Foliage

Often we choose trees and shrubs for our gardens that are aesthetically pleasing; sumptuous foliage, rich flowers and striking architectural forms but we mustn’t over look the importance of fragrance. From shrubs that dizzy the senses with the aroma of their blooms to trees with autumn foliage that smells good enough to eat here are my top picks for fragrance.

Chimonanthus praecox – Wintersweet
Fragrant: December January February
A lovely medium sized bushy shrub for winter interest, wintersweet bares deliciously scented custard yellow flowers with blackberry-purple stained centres.

Davidia involucrate vilmoriniana- Handerkerchief tree
Fragrant: Spring
The midsized foliage is heart shaped and an attractive green turning shades of orange and yellow in the winter. Young foliage is reddish purple in the spring. Small, inedible pear shaped fruits are produced and in the spring the new foliage has a spicy, incense scent…Read more here

Cytisus Battandieri – Pineapple broom tree
Fragrant: June July
Bright yellow, pea-like flowers are held in dense cones and give off a distinctive pineapple scent which is popular with butterflies, bees and other insects… Read more here

Cercidiphyllum japonicum- Katsura tree
Fragrant: Late Summer Autumn
A beautiful tree of upswept habit, the Katsura tree has small heart shaped, bright green leaves which turn vibrant shades of orange, red and purple in the autumn and produce a delicious and distinctive scent of burnt sugar or caramel…Read more here

Deutzia scabra ‘Pride of Rochester’- Fuzzy pride of Rochester shrub
Fragrant: June July
The foliage is scabrous, or ‘fuzzy’ to touch giving this deutzia its name. The mass of white flowers is highly scented and popular with butterflies, bees and other insects… Read more here

Laburnum alpinum ‘Pendulum’- Weeping Scotch laburnum tree
Fragrant: May
A lovely small weeping tree the scotch laburnum produces long racemes of clear yellow, highly scented flowers that seem to glow against the light/mid green pinnate foliage… Read more here

Mahonia japonica ‘Hivernant’- Japanese mahonia shrub
Fragrant: November December January February March
This medium sized evergreen shrub has sharp, blue-green, holly-like leaflets in a pinnate form. Racemes of clear yellow, fragrant flowers are present in the winter which are popular with wildlife.

Nothofagus Antarctica – Antarctic beech tree
Fragrant: Spring
The Antarctic beech is an attractive broadly conical tree that has small, alternate, glossy, sweetly scented, crinkly dark-green foliage that turns bright yellow and orange in the autumn…Read more here

Prunus x yedoensis – Yoshino cherry tree
Fragrant: March April
A small tree that is wide spreading the Yoshino Cherry is most popular for its single white, sometimes blush flowers that have a delicate sweet almond scent and emerge in a cloud of well packed clusters…Read more here

Ptelea trifoliate – Hop tree
Fragrant: June July
This unusual tree has mid-green, trifoliolate foliage that emerges yellowish-green and turns shades of yellow in the autumn. Bunches of greenish-yellow single flowers appear that are very strongly scented and popular with insects.

Magnolia soulangiana ‘Alba Superba’- White tulip magnolia tree
Fragrant: April May
An erect, compact shrub or small tree this magnolia produces brilliant white, large, fragrant, tulip shaped flowers that are delicately scented…Read more here

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