Tree Tasks For Winter

The garden may be quieter in winter, but doing these tasks will protect trees from cold, blustery weather and get your garden ready for spring:

  • Winter is an ideal time to prune several tree species, such as Rowan and Apple. Check our individual product pages for the best time to prune your tree.
  • Check tree stakes are secure and ties are adjusted correctly, so they can stand up to strong winter winds.
  • Terracotta pots (non-frostproof ones) can crack when water freezes. Protect them by relocating to a warmer area such as right next to the house or wrapping in bubble wrap.
  • When you’ve finished with Christmas trees, don’t let them go to waste. Cut trees can be shredded to provide mulch, whilst potted ones can be planted outside.
  • It’s a great time to reset and prepare for the busier months ahead. Clean used pots and tidy up the shed or greenhouse.

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