The Best Trees To Grow When You Have No Garden


Columnar apple tree

It’s perfectly possible to grow trees and create a little green oasis outdoors even if you don’t have a garden. Don’t believe us? Read on…

A patio is the next best thing to a garden. We offer over 100 varieties of tree that can be grown in a pot! Many patios have limited space but are sun traps, so suited to small Flowering Cherry trees with their glorious spring blossom and colourful autumn foliage. You can even grow fruit trees in pots on a sunny patio – we offer a number of dwarf or cordon varieties.

Top suggestions for sunny patios: Prunus mume ‘Beni-chidori’ (ornamental flowering Apricot tree), Magnolia stellata Starry Magnolia tree, Malus domestica ‘Blue Moon’ (columnar Apple tree)

With roof terraces, the micro climate is likely to be more of an issue than space when selecting suitable trees. Choose trees that can cope with exposure to wind and install protective screens if necessary. Consider access limitations, both for installing the initial tree and container, but also in terms of watering. If access to water is an issue, avoid thirty trees such as Willows to reduce the number of times you have to water it.

Top suggestions for exposed roof terraces: Arbutus unedo (ornamental Strawberry tree), Prunus incisa ‘The Bride’ (Fuji Cherry tree)

If you live in a house with no outdoor space at all, a couple of formal looking dwarf trees in pots either side of the front door will provide a nice welcome home. Lollipop trees or trees that have been top grafted onto clear stems ensures the trees stay very small and tidy with minimal maintenance. Compact, dwarf Conifers are also ideal.

Top suggestions for front doors: Ceanothus thyrsiflorus repens (Californian Lilac tree), Prunus lusitanica Lollipop tree (Portuguese Laurel tree top grafted at 80cm)

If you live in a flat and your outside space is restricted to a small balcony, compact and neat looking trees will also look at home here. Consider whether drying winds are an issue and choose varieties accordingly.

Top suggestions for Balconies: Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’ (dwarf Fuji Cherry tree), Photinia × fraseri ‘Red Robin’ Lollipop tree

For flats without a balcony, your options are going to be restricted to indoor trees. These are frequently species that come from warmer climates and so it allows you to grow exciting plants that would never be possible outdoors in the UK.

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