Planting Trees For The Planet

Environmental concerns have been forefront in the media recently and trees are being hailed as one of the best answers. Supporting charities that carry out large scale planting of trees is one way to get involved, but we want to highlight why it’s important to think in terms of your own garden too, no matter what size.

Carbon in the atmosphere is responsible for increasing temperatures and trees are natural carbon sinks, removing it from the atmosphere and storing it. For those that have large gardens, trees that grow large and live a long time will provide the best carbon sinks. Think along the lines of Beech, Oak and Walnut trees to name a few.

With temperatures already rising, we are experiencing increased risks of flooding and threats to native wildlife. This is where small gardens can play a big role, with trees soaking up substantial quantities of rainwater. They also provide food and shelter for local wildlife, including numerous insects, birds and mammals.

Flowering trees provide a source of food for pollinating insects such as bees. Choosing varieties with staggered flowering times will provide a more continual source of food, as well as providing lasting interest for you! The fruits of many trees, including Rowan and Cotoneaster, adorn the trees in autumn/winter and provide tasty treats for birds.

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