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Ilex aquifolium tree covered in frost 06/01/2022
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Tree Tasks For Winter

The garden may be quieter in winter, but doing these tasks will protect trees from cold, blustery weather and get your garden ready for spring: Winter is an ideal time to prune several tree species, such as Rowan and Apple. Check our individual product pages for the best time to prune your tree. Check tree stakes are secure and ties are adjusted correctly, so they can stand up to strong winter winds. Terracotta pots (non-frostproof ones) can crack when water freezes. Protect them by relocating to a warmer area such... Read More

Gardening Advice

How Mycorrhizal Fungi Benefits Your Trees and Shrubs

Mycorrhizal fungi benefits plants for their entire lifetime and has become a gardeners’ essential thanks to its incredible abilities to create a secondary root system. Just one application at the point of planting can provide a lifetime of benefits for trees, hedges, shrubs and other plants. In this blog we cover: How mycorrhizal fungi works How to apply mycorrhizal fungi Which plants benefit from mycorrhizal fungi When to apply mycorrhizal fungi How can mycorrhizal fungi be supported in garden soil? How does mycorrhizal fungi work? When the fungi comes into... Read More

Watering can 01/07/2021
Gardening Advice

Are You Watering Your Trees Correctly?

We’re all aware a good watering regime is essential for young trees and shrubs to establish. In hot and dry weather, correct watering becomes even more important, so here’s a recap. When and Where? Establishing trees and shrubs need watering in spring and summer. After 3 years, trees will have developed a larger root structure, but it is still advisable to water some species in periods of drought. Water plants early in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler, as this reduces the amount of water lost... Read More

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Top 10 Gardening Blogs

Gardening is becoming more popular than ever as many of us turn to our gardens in these socially distanced times. Even those without a garden are finding ways to get back to nature and grow plants. Here’s our top 10 gardening blogs to keep you informed and inspired, no matter what size space you have. The Middle-Sized Garden is a great source of inspiration for those with medium sized gardens, but it is so much more than that. Alexandra is not afraid to ask experts for their advice so this... Read More

Gardening Advice, Winter Gardens

Tree Tasks For December

Winter is still a good time to plant trees as long as the ground isn’t frozen. Over autumn and winter, deciduous trees will start settling it, ready for when spring arrives. Our help and advice section has lots of information on planting and caring for trees. Check tree ties are adjusted correctly and stakes will stand up to blustery winter winds. December is the ideal time to prune apple and pear trees as they are dormant. You may want to reduce their size or just tidy them up. For further information... Read More

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Top 3 Garden Blogs

Here at Ornamental Tree Nurseries we love technology and when tech and gardening come together we can’t get enough! Here are our top 3 garden blogs; My Tiny Plot A veritable feast for allotment gardeners. @mytinyplot on Twitter The Transatlantic Gardener An interesting blog from an interesting point of view by award-winning garden writer Graham Rice @Graham_Rice on Twitter Kate Bradbury for BBC Gardeners World You can be assured of an informative and interesting read from Kate Bradbury, especially where creepy crawlies are involved @Kate_Bradbury on Twitter

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A Guide To Buying Trees

How should I choose which trees to buy? There are a few things to think about when choosing what sort of tree to buy. Listed below are some points to consider; Would you like an ornamental, garden tree for aesthetic purpose only or a productive fruit tree? Do you require a tree for a particular purpose e.g. screening trees, fast growing trees, shade giving trees, avenue trees? What space is available for your trees? Do you require a dwarf tree or is there room enough for a larger growing tree?... Read More