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The Best Trees To Grow When You Have No Garden

  It’s perfectly possible to grow trees and create a little green oasis outdoors even if you don’t have a garden. Don’t believe us? Read on… A patio is the next best thing to a garden. We offer over 100 varieties of tree that can be grown in a pot! Many patios have limited space but are sun traps, so suited to small Flowering Cherry trees with their glorious spring blossom and colourful autumn foliage. You can even grow fruit trees in pots on a sunny patio – we offer... Read More

Gardening Advice

Top 10 Gardening Blogs

Gardening is becoming more popular than ever as many of us turn to our gardens in these socially distanced times. Even those without a garden are finding ways to get back to nature and grow plants. Here’s our top 10 gardening blogs to keep you informed and inspired, no matter what size space you have. The Middle-Sized Garden is a great source of inspiration for those with medium sized gardens, but it is so much more than that. Alexandra is not afraid to ask experts for their advice so this... Read More