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Abies Conifers | Fir

Abies is a genus made up of around 50 species of evergreen fir trees, most commonly found in Europe, Asia and North America.  Fir trees tend to be recognised primarily as Christmas trees, though their beauty and grandiose, symmetrical structure can be appreciated all year round.

Features of Fir trees

  • Fir trees are typically pyramidal in shape, displaying a spire-like conic crown which usually becomes a little more rounded as the tree matures. Their short, flat yet flexible needles stick up almost like toothbrush bristles and are attached singly to the boughs in a spiral formation, whilst the branches grow in whorls around the tree's trunk
  • The spiky cones of the fir tree are different to those of other conifers, as they are raised rather than downward-facing. They mature in a single season and disintegrate as the Winter approaches
  • The bark of Abies conifers is sleek and smooth, becoming thick and furrowed with long, deep ridges in older trees

Our ornamental Fir trees

Our selection fir trees create a real structural impact and are perfect as a focal point or feature tree in any garden or landscaped area. The trees in our range vary subtly in the colour of their foliage as well as that of their cones, so we're sure to have the right fir tree for your planting scheme. All of our range are slow-growing and relatively small-scale so growing them in a pot or planter is an option - you could even bring one indoors for Christmas.

Interesting facts about Fir trees

  • Fir Tree Appreciation Day is on 18th June every year
  • The Douglas Fir, which is a very common species throughout many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, is not actually a fir at all and is not part of the Abies genus
  • During the Civil War, resin found in the blisters on the bark of certain varieties were used to make an ointment which was applied to combat injuries

Abies Conifers | Fir
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